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Kung Fu Kellie



A baby is discovered in Shenmi Forest. When no one claims her, the Taiping monks take her in and raise her, and they teach her kung fu. The mysterious girl with green eyes and black hair begins to show strange abilities. As she gets older, she has strength and energy she doesn't understand.


Follow Kellie Wei as she unravels the secrets to her past, and meets the mystical animals of kung fu.  In each book of the Kung Fu Kellie series, Kellie will learn a little more about herself and train from one of the six original kung fu masters. In the final installment, Kellie will discover why she was abandoned in Shenmi Forest, and who she really is.

Kung Fu Kellie and the Legend of Anguo by A.H. Shinn is a fun and intelligent ride that kids from middle grade all the way to adults will enjoy.

I feel that fans of comic books will love how A.H. Shinn writes, in an almost campy and comic book manner with the characters while still maintaining the formatting and story depth of an actual novel. Kung Fu Kellie is a great book!
Katelyn Hensel for Readers' Favorite


Kung Fu Kellie is one of my favorite books ever! I totally recommend it to people who like adventure and mystery. I can't wait for the next book to come out!! :)

Colleen, 11


Every chapter was entertaining and I was eager to continue to read more...I would definitely recommend this book to my friends and I think they will enjoy just as much as I did.

Allyson, 13


Kung Fu Kellie is a fantastic book. I especially enjoyed the action when Kellie fought using kung fu. And I liked learning about the mystical animals in Chinese martial arts. This is a great book for anyone wanting an action packed adventure!

Emily, 10


List made by Kara, 9, on what she likes about Kung Fu Kellie:

  • Mystical animals

  • Kellie believing in herself

  • Bravery of monks shown while protecting Kellie, especially Shifu Lau

  • Jory finding his inner self


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