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Kung Fu Kellie
and the Legend of Anguo (Book 1)

ISBN-13: 978-0988775619


Strange things are happening to Kellie Wei in her sophomore year of high school: She dunks a basketball in PE. She tosses a bully down the hall. And her senses are oddly hyperactive. Then she learns that the Taiping monks back in China are being attacked by a stranger. They fear that Kellie may be the one whom the attacker seeks, and suspicions are raised that she may be connected to an ancient legend.

Despite her fears, Kellie journeys to China to help the monks. In her quest, she falls into the mystical world of kung fu, where she discovers her special gifts from Zurich, the white crane, and Mulin, the tiger. However, it is the encounter with the adversary when she learns the ultimate shocking secret.

Kung Fu Kellie
and Sonam's Prophecy (Book 2)

ISBN-13: 978-0988775626

Kellie Wei discovers a letter from her birth mother. Master Chen, the monk who has been raising her, seems to have hidden it from her. But why? Kellie barely has time to figure things out before she is drugged and chased down.  When she awakes, Kellie finds herself held captive in another country! She is being held prisoner at Druk Monastery, for the nuns believe that she is an incarnation of a girl from an old prophecy.


How can Kellie prove to these women that they have the wrong person…or could she be the One? As she tries to escape, Kellie meets and learns from Desta the mongoose, one of the mystical animals of kung fu. Then just when she thinks she's about to go home, she has to make a decision that could cost her her freedom.

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