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Portland: Eat, Drink, and Read

My husband and I wanted to take a little trip, and my husband suggested Portland. I knew very little of the city, and was skeptical of the idea. I suggested other places, but my husband held on strong to his desire to see the city he had heard about. I threw in the towel, and I'm glad I did. What an amazing city Portland was! The food was great, the people were friendly, and there was no sales tax. What more could a visitor want. Portland is known for their food carts, and they have over 600. My husband had a grilled cheese from The Grilled Cheese Grill and I had a lamb gyro from the Aybla Grill. Both were delicious! But what induced a euphoric state was the flight of three shots at Cacao Drink Chocolate (see photo). If you haven't had real hot chocolate, and I'm not talking about the powdered kind, you haven't lived. Yes, it was that good. Another wonderful discovery was Powell's Book Store. It is the biggest independent book store in the world. When I stepped inside, my jaw dropped. The place was humungous!

As a reader, Portland was the perfect place to read a book while sipping a hot beverage. As a writer, I was inspired by the culture and lifestyle. I walked everywhere I needed to go, but I noticed the natives riding their bikes. Every new place I travel to, I keep mental or written notes for future stories. And Portland would be a great setting for a book or could even be the place a character is from. That is what's so exciting about being a writer: take what you've experienced and create a world with it. Happy reading, and happy writing!

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